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And if you don't get benefits from work and you can't afford to pay out of pocket for dental/drugs etc. you can sign up for the "Trillium fund" which helps low income people out in these situations. Although our healthcare system is not perfect I would not have it any other way. We have very good doctors in Canada with very few bad doctors. In the province of Ontario to see a specialist you do need a referral from your general practitioner however if you have difficulty receiving a referal from your GP you have the ability to go to a doctor who will be willing to get you to the specialist of your choice. We are taxed heavily however mostly on consumer goods but we have free healthcare and free education our roads and services are maintained through tax dollars.

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Some auto insurers, however, are now offering supplemental insurance products at additional cost that extend coverage for vehicle owners providing ride sharing services. This "How To" article is crucial, up to date information concerning what to do if your insurance company is giving you a hard time regarding your own motor vehicle accident claim with them and you're positive it's "Legit". If there's some problems with whatever position they've taken regarding your Property Damage Loss or any other coverage questions they may be ducking/stalling/ignoring and/or disputing you don't have to sit back and take it!You DO have options to settle your dispute and you should proceed as follows:1. FIRST, LET YOUR AGENT KNOW YOU'RE UNHAPPY: Ask them to go to bat for you. If they sit on their butt afraid or "too busy" to get "involved" with your "problem" find out the name and phone number or your insurance companies nearest Claims Department. Contact them and ask for help.