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If it is, then you can submit a claim and reap the benefits above and beyond your deductible. If the damages are less than your deductible, then it is not worth filing a claim. Secondly, contact your home insurance company and determine if such an event is covered under their "Acts of God" section. If so, then you are covered. If not, then you will have to submit it to your auto insurance company. However, you will need to have comprehensive or full coverage for the tree damage to be covered. If you simply have liability or collision insurance, you are out of luck. In this scenario, you may be able to have the owner or landlord pay for the damage with their homeowner's policy. However, this will be contingent on whether or not the homeowner was aware that the tree was dead or decrepit. You can not demand that they pay for it, if this was a simple act of nature. You should consult with a lawyer in this instance, as the laws, policies and situations will vary from case to case.

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