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Shopping for car insurance online is the best way to compare rates from multiple car insurance companies. Online, you can also read about a company’s history and make sure they’re a quality company. Most companies offer instant online car insurance quotes thorough their websites which makes obtaining car insurance quotes a lot easier than the traditional method of shopping by phone. Better yet, there are some websites that offer online car insurance quotes from multiple companies with one simple process. You can even purchase your car insurance online if you like the price. One such website is OnlineAutoInsurance. com. There, you can obtain quotes from quality companies such as Progressive, AIG, Infinity, GMAC, Bristol West, and several more. All with one simple process!source utomobile coverage can be obtained by consumers from a wide range of companies and in many states there may be well over a hundred to choose from; the price that each will charge in premiums can be a very different amount then what another company may charge which means that obtaining as many quotations as possible is the most effective method that motorists have when trying to locate the most affordable policy. Fortunately, the majority of insurers are willing to provide free car insurance quotes to any consumer who wishes to obtain one in hopes of gaining new business. While it may seem like a hassle and practically impossible to gather and compare rates from the large number of carriers available in any given area, it does not cost a cent to shop around, only takes some time which would be well spent if a cheap company is found.